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Kilic is currently an assistant professor at Istanbul Technical University. After finishing his MSc on ”PP nanofiber webs for aerosol filtration”, he continued his PhD studies in the Nonwovens Institute. He studied on “Electret Aerosol Filters and Related Equipment Manufacturing” during his PhD under the direction of Drs Pourdeyhimi, Shim and Yeom. 

He currently manages TEMAG Labs which was established in 2003 based at the Gumussuyu Campus of Istanbul Technical University. The studies are concentrated on interdiciplinary field of engineered fabric, their coatings, design and manufacture of specialty instruments for such materials. Focusing on novel fiber and coating applications, TEMAG facilities are divided as Filtration&Separation, Energy, Composites and Biomedical labs. The research is funded by Turkish Science and Technology Council and 7 international/national companies. Center also houses state-of-the-art facilities for product development, analytical services, materials testing, analysis and evaluation.

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