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Elif Arıcı's research activities in the material sciences is characterized by coming in contact with the deficits of opto-electronical devices and trying to address these problems using blends of inorganic nanomaterials embedded in polymer matrices for device optimization.

She studied chemistry and material sciences at Philipps University, Marburg, Germany. Finishing her post-doc studies about organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells at Linz Institute for Organic Solar Cells (2000-2004), she was working as senior researcher at SIEMENS, Corporate Technology, Erlangen, Germany to create new concepts for light emission. 2008-2011, she took a Elise Richter Position at Johannes Kepler University to develope white light emitting diodes. Currently, she is working at Energy Institute, Istanbul Technical University on research and development  for low-cost, solution processable CZTS solar cells. She is supervising also young companies in terms of project acquisition and management in related topics.
She has 15 patents and over 30 publications in scientific journals.

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