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Institutional Information: Mimarlık, Şehir Ve Bölge Planlaması
Research Areas: Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Engineering and Technology





UN Sustainable Development Goals


Rumeysa Ceylan earned her B.Sc. degree in City and Regional Planning from Yıldız Technical University in 2014, with her graduation thesis and project titled "Planning in Edirne City: With The Perspective of Smart Growth." During this period, she garnered recognition from ESRI Turkey through the Young Scholars program and secured the second position in the associated competition. Additionally, she achieved the second place in the graduation project competition organized by the Association of Planning Schools of Turkey. Following her undergraduate studies, Rumeysa worked as a Researcher& GIS Expert at Ozyegin University for the subsequent two years. In 2016, she completed her master's degree in the Urban Transformation and Planning Program at Yildiz Technical University, focusing her thesis on 'Sustainable Performance Indicators of Shopping Centers.' Continuing her academic journey, Rumeysa pursued a Ph.D. in the field, participating in the European Union project known as 'Community Data Loops for Energy Efficient Urban Lifestyles.' Her notable achievements include receiving the Routledge Poster Prize for her presentation titled "Dawn of Change" at the International Conference ISOCARP- OAPA/53rd ISOCARP Congress, held in the USA in October 2017. In December 2022, she successfully obtained her doctoral degree in Urban Planning from Yildiz Technical University, further solidifying her expertise in the field. Currently, Rumeysa Ceylan serves as a researcher and teaching assistant in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). In 2023, she also began delivering lectures in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). 


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