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Institutional Information: Mimarlık, Peyzaj Mimarlığı
Research Areas: Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Architecture




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Lâl Dalay was born on 11 September 1996 in İzmir. In 2014, she graduated from Tevfik Fikret Anatolian High School and studied French and English during her high school years. She graduated from İzmir University of Economics, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design with 1. honorable degree and in 2022, she completed her master’s degree at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape Architecture Program with her thesis titled “The Effect Of Biophilic Design Elements On Perception And Behavior In Indoor Spaces”. In this process, she participated in various competitions, trainings, workshops and produced papers. In the Spring Term of 2022, she started to work as a research assistant in Istanbul Technical University, Department of Landscape Architecture. Currently she continues her studies on Biophilic Design, Nature-Human and Space Relations, Sustainable Design, Indoor Landscape, Space Perception, Human Based Design and Sensorial Design.