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Sinan Mert Şener is an architect and a full professor at ITU Faculty of Architecture in Istanbul. Graduated from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 1982. Received his Master's Degree in Architecture in 1984 and his PhD degree in 1994 at ITU. Worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture of ITU Faculty of Architecture, between 1994-1995. In 1997, appointed as Associate Professor to ITU Architecture Department. Awarded the "Young Researcher Scholarship" by the ITU Foundation and was a postdoctoral scholar at Carnegie Mellon University between 1998-1999. Appointed to ITU Faculty of Architecture as a professor in January 2011. Elected as the Dean of ITU Faculty of Architecture in November 2012 and continued his duty until July 2016. Şener's research areas include informatics in architecture and design, architectural design theory, urban design, shape grammars, computer-aided architectural design, post-disaster settlements, and emergency management. Designed many architectural projects such as mixed-use buildings, residential settlements, special building designs such as VTS towers, urban design and university campus, and almost all of them have been built.

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