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Institutional Information: Uçak Ve Uzay Bilimleri, Uzay Mühendisliği
Research Areas: Industrial Engineering, Optimization Theory and Methods, Multiobjective Optimization, Nonlinear Programming, Aeronautical and Space Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Flight Sciences, Structural Technologies, Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity, Design Techniques, Vehicle Dynamics and Modeling, Deformation, Stress, Vibration and Noise Analysis, Engineering and Technology

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Dr. Melike Nikbay received her B.S. and M.S degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul, M.S.  degree in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from University of Colorado at Boulder, and Ph.D.  degree  in Aerospace Engineering Sciences from University of Colorado at Boulder in 2002.

Dr. Melike Nikbay joined Istanbul Technical University as an Assistant Professor in 2004, and 

has been a full Professor of Aerospace Engineering since 2017.  

Dr. Melike Nikbay taught 23 different courses in undergraduate and graduate level. She is the co-author of 70 research articles which include journal papers, conference papers and book chapters.

Since 2008, Dr.Melike Nikbay has been assigned in NATO Science and Technology Organization, Applied Vehicle Panel and is currently chair of Technical Committee of Mechanical Systems, Structures and Materials.Dr.Nikbay spent one year of sabbatical at Multidisciplinary Science and Technology Center at US Air Force Research Laboratory in Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton/Ohio working on Aeroelasticity. Next, she was invited and joined National Institute of Aerospace in Hampton/Virginia as senior research engineer  and worked at NASA Langley Research Center for  the Commercial Supersonic Technology Project.Her current primary research focus is in Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization, Aeroelasticity and Aeroelastic Optimization, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Sonic Boom Minimization, Sensitivity Analysis with Direct and Adjoint Methods, Reliability Based Design Optimization, Stochastic Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification.She received the Associate Fellow Award of American Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2017 and Young Contributor Award from NATO Science and Technology Organization in 2017. 


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