Scientific Activities

Jury Memberships

  • May 2016 Post Graduate

    İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

    Object-bassed damage pattern analysis in buildings from post-earthquale high resolution satellite images: two case studies on Bam and Haiti

  • September 2015 Post Graduate

    Istanbul Teknik Universitesi

    Benefits of tuned mass dampers in terms of improving the seismic performance of suspension bridge towers

  • May 2015 Post Graduate

    İstanbul Teknik Universitesi

    DEsign a stainless steel composite bridge according to the Eurocodes and cost analysis

Scientific Refereeing

  • November 2016 Journal of Bridge Engineering

    SCI Journal

  • April 2016 Engineering Structures

    SCI Journal

  • February 2015 Journal of Bridge Engineering

    SCI Journal

  • November 2014 Structural Engineering International

    SCI Journal

  • October 2013 Journal of Structural Engineering

    SCI Journal

  • November 2012 Journal of Bridge Engineering

    SCI Journal

  • October 2012 Structure and Infrastructure Engineering

    SCI Journal