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Published journal articles indexed by SCI, SSCI, and AHCI

Preparation of Sulfonamide Containing Cellulose Based Sorbent for Removal of Mercury Ions

SEPARATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol.47, no.9, pp.1350-1355, 2012 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier identifier

Preparation of poly (acrylic acid) containing core-shell type resin for removal of basic dyes

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Thiol Containing Sulfonamide Based Polymeric Sorbent for Mercury Extraction

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Preparation of pyridine sulphonamide resin for the removal of dyes from aqueous solutions

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Sulfonamide based polymeric sorbents for selective mercury extraction

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Removal of dyes from water by poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) hydrogel

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Crosslinked poly(glycidyl methacrylate)-based resin for removal of mercury from aqueous solutions

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Ureasulfonamide polymeric sorbent for selective mercury extraction

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Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Preparation of the Poly(styrene) Based Imidazole Containing Quaternary Chloroacetamide Modified Sorbent for Removal of Phenol

15th International Conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry (POC), Timisoara, Romania, 10 - 13 June 2014, vol.352, pp.66-71 identifier identifier