A slow fashion design model for bluejeans using house of quality approach

Nergis B., Candan C., Sarisaltik S., Seneloglu N., Bozuk R., Amzayev K.

17th World Textile Conference of the Association-of-Universities-for-Textiles (AUTEX) - Shaping the Future of Textiles, Yunanistan, 29 - 31 Mayıs 2017, cilt.254 identifier identifier


The purpose of this study was to develop a slow fashion design model using the house of quality model (HOQ) to provide fashion designers a tool to improve the overall sustainability of denim jeans for Y generation consumers in Turkish market. In doing so, a survey was conducted to collect data on the design & performance expectations as well as the perception of slow fashion in design process of denim jeans of the targeted consumer group. The results showed that Y generation in the market gave the most importance to the sustainable production techniques when identifying slow fashion.