A Case Study on the Open Innovation Strategy and Implementation: VitrA Innovates In and Out


Journal of Information Systems Management and Innovation, vol.4, no.3, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In the era of continuous challenges such as intense digitaliza-
tion and higher competition, organizations are forced to improve their
innovation performances by applying open innovation approach. Open in-
novation is enabled through collaborating with employees, external sup-
pliers, customers, and other members of the entire value chain, enabling
the purposive in ows and out ows of knowledge. On the other hand, case
studies enrich both theory and practice since they provide insights from a
real-life experience by investigating into a real-life phenomenon in-depth
within its environmental context (Ridder 2017). However, the adaptation
of open innovation (OI) in some specic industries such as design-based
construction goods are relatively rare. These industries also require ap-
plying open innovation for enhancing their IP base and for improving
their new product development (NPD) and sustainability performance.
Large companies in these industries also bear some obstacles such as
rigid structures, culture, bureaucracy against OI. In this context, this
paper presents a case study from a large scale construction goods pro-
ducer company which utilizes OI as a strategic element. By verifying the
dimensions of OI practice in the context of the studied company, we aim
to contribute both to the theory and practice of open innovation. Data
is collected from the content analysis of public documents, procedures
of the company and the interviews with experts in the company for tri-
angulation. The single case study approach of Yin is adapted by using
the organizational dimensions (organizational culture, strategy linkage,
implementation and process, organizational structure) and the modes of
OI that were derived from the literature (Yin 2004). Findings revealed
that in design-based companies and large organizations, the open inno-
vation approach can be adapted through; established and inclusive NPD
processes, organizational units dedicated to innovation, institutional pro-
grams and strategic orientation, that can all act on various modes of OI.