System on Chip Design with Vivado High-Level Synthesis Tool

Bilgili B., Yamaneren C., Vatansever K., Çoltu U., ÖRS YALÇIN S. B.

11th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on ELECTRICAL and ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING, 28 - 30 November 2019 identifier identifier


In this paper, crypto algorithms such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Rivest Shamir Adleman Algorithm (RSA), Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-3) are designed and used. Commonly used high level software languages such as C and C++ are used to implement the mentioned algorithms into a hardware. During the design stage of these algorithms with the high-level languages, Vivado High Level Synthesis (Vivado HLS) environment developed by Xilinx was used. The relevant modules designed with high level identification languages and the related modules designed with the hardware description languages were compared with each other. After this comparison, a processor-based system was created by using modules designed with high level languages. AXI4-Stream is selected for the interface of the designed modules. The related modules are then redesigned with hardware description languages in the :Xilinx Vivado environment. Direct memory access (DMA) is used in the system for high speed operation of the system, since the size of the data to be secured is likely to be large. Cryptographic communication is simulated between two people with Station-to Station communication protocol in DMA and processor-based system. While this communication protocol is being used, possible attacks carried by third parties and the loss due to noise during the transfer of information are not considered.