Influence of Niobium Oxide on the Mechanical Properties of Hydroxyapatite

DEMİRKOL N., OKTAR F. N. , Kayali E. S.

24th Symposium and Annual Meeting of International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (ISCM 2012), Fukuoka, Japan, 21 - 24 October 2012, pp.29-30 identifier identifier


The goal of this study is to produce and to investigate the mechanical and microstructural properties of composite materials made of hydroxyapatite, obtained from both natural sheep bone and commercial synthetic hydroxyapatite with niobium oxide addition (5 and 10 wt%). The samples were subjected to sintering at different temperatures between 1000 degrees C and 1300 degrees C. Microstructures and mechanical properties of sheep hydroxyapatite (SHA) and commercial synthetic hydroxyapatite (CSHA)-niobium oxide composites were investigated. The production of hydroxyapatite (HA) from natural sources is preferred due to economical reason. The aim of development of SHA and CSHA based niobium oxide composites is to improve mechanical properties of HA.