The effect of cold work on the precipitation of Omega and theta ' in a ternary Al-Cu-Mg alloy

Unlu N., Gable B., Shiflet G., Starke E.

ALUMINUM ALLOYS 2002: THEIR PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES PTS 1-3, pp.801-806, 2002 (SCI-Expanded) identifier


The effect of plastic deformation on the microstructural evolution of a high purity Al-5.0Cu-0.5Mg ((wt)/(0)) ternary alloy was investigated. Hardness measurements and quantitative precipitate analysis were performed on specimens that were water quenched from a solution heat treatment, stretched either 0% or 6% and immediately artificially aged at 200 degreesC or 250 degreesC for times up to 1000h. Although the ternary Al-Cu-Mg system has been studied extensively, little is known about the presence and stability of the Omega phase in these alloys. Quantitative transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was used to characterize the Omega and theta' number density, diameter and thickness, as a function of pre-age stretch and artificial aging condition.