The Effects of Quat-Silane Antimicrobials on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cotton and Cotton/Elastane Fabrics Used for Clothing

Varan N. Y. , Eryuruk S. H.

18th World Textile Conference (AUTEX), İstanbul, Turkey, 20 - 22 June 2018, vol.460 identifier identifier


Samples were treated with quat-silane to achieve antimicrobial property for further designs to help bacteria resistant during use. In this study, the physical and mechanical properties of quat-silane treated cotton and cotton/elastane fabrics in comparison with untreated control samples were investigated. Results showed that a small significant decrease was observed for tensile strength (strip and grab methods), tear strength and seam strength. A small significant decrease was observed with the increase in quat-silane concentration for all samples. Panama weaves showed the lowest tensile strength and the highest tear strength and a small significant decrease was observed for all treated samples. Antimicrobial tests showed that all treated samples have a very good antimicrobial activity.