Evaluation of Social and Physical Variations inHistorical Texture and Throughout Antakya

Yüzer M. A. , Ocakçı M.

1. Uluslararası Antakya Sempozyumu: Kentsel Koruma, Kentsel Arkeoloji, Hatay, Turkey, 22 December 2005

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Summary Text
  • City: Hatay
  • Country: Turkey


Evaluation of the Effects of  the Social and Physical Changes in Antakya and its Historical Urban Texture



Every settlement has a different character according to its natural structure properties and geographical position. The social structure of communities, the biological autobiographies of individuals, their habits, customs, way of life and use of space make the settlement different from others. Every settlement exists  with its differences, and tries to carry social and spatial cultures to the future. Differentiations in social texture, historical events and natural changes to ensure its order cause the differentiations of settlements in the course of time. Antakya as the focus of settlement fromantiquity, has hosted different nations, cultures,  civilizations and has kept its special position in every period with itsnatural structure, wealthy soil, moderate climate and gradually developing cultural potential. Social, cultural and spatial wealth beginning with the first Prototigrus civilization of Antakya, sets an example for today’s monotonous spatial developments and social structure as a result of rapid urbanisation. The historical settlement texture ofAntakya, which is one of Turkey’s biggest urban conservation areas, and which has had protected urban texture from the point of social and physical properties for the last 20 years, has been in danger recently as a result of rapid urbanisation, differentiations in social structure, insufficient economical structure and managerial disorder. Here, Antakya’s historical macro scale planning policies, planning decisions for future and application means are examined. In addition, research into its historical texture which was first done in 1987 is repeated and the differentiations in social and physical texture and their reasons are explained. Means are defined to keep alive the physical texture integrated with social texture and to emphasize the importance of Antakya for the world’s cultural heritage and to attract interest to Antakya in scientific environments. By using contemporary data, probable developments in Antakya's macro form in the future and the effects of these developments on historical texture are tested with the cellular automata based LUCAM model and results of the simulation are summarized.


Key words: Antakya, historical urban texture, social differentations, Antakya’s future  macro form, LUCAM Antakya Simulation