The Simplest Interval Type-2 Fuzzy PID Controller: Structural Analysis

Sakalli A., Kumbasar T. , Dodurka M. F. , Yesil E.

IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Beijing, China, 6 - 11 July 2014, pp.626-633 identifier identifier


In this paper, we will present analytical derivations of the simplest the Interval Type-2 Fuzzy PID (IT2-FPID) controller output which is composed of only 4 rules. Thus, we will first propose a new visualizing method called Surface of the Switching Points (S-MAP) in order to better analyze the derivation of the Switching Points (SPs) of the Karnik-Mendel algorithms. We presented mathematical explanation of the S-MAP and showed that the SPs are determined by only two Boundary Functions (BFs) for the simplest IT2-FPID controller. We will then give the simplified analytical derivation of the simplest IT2-FPID controller around the steady state via the employed BFs and S-MAP. We have illustrated that the simplest IT2-FPID controller is in fact analogous to a conventional PID controller around the steady state. We presented the simplest IT2-FPID controller output in terms of the parameters of the antecedent IT2-FSs. We examined the effect of the design parameter over IT2-FPID control system performance. In the light of the observations, we presented a simple self-tuning mechanism to enhance the transient state and disturbance rejection performance.