Wire Strand and IWRC Modeling and Contact Analysis using Finite Elements

Erdonmez C., İmrak C. E.

3rd International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacture, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 8 - 10 September 2010, vol.450, pp.115-116 identifier identifier


Wire ropes are constructed by using both single and nested helical wires. Three-dimensional solid modeling of nested helical wires can be done by using parametric equations and needs special treatment. Wire strands are basic components of wire ropes and independent wire rope cores (IWRC) are special type of ropes, which are used as a core for complex wire ropes such as Seale IWRC or Warrington IWRC. Large tensile force strength of the wire ropes is very important in application areas where as the small bending and torsional stiffness. In this paper, modeling and analysis of a wire strand and IWRC are investigated in a realistic manner. In addition, contact interactions between wires in a strand are analyzed and finite element results are presented.