Enhancing Vehicle Tracking through SMS: A Cost-Effective Approach Integrating GPS and GSM

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Abdirahman A. A., Hashi A. O., Dahir U. M., Elmi M. A., Rodriguez O. E. R.

SSRG International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering, vol.10, no.9, pp.29-39, 2023 (Scopus) identifier


The rising challenge of vehicle theft impacts various stakeholders, including vehicle owners, insurers, security companies, and the community. To tackle this issue, tracking devices provide a viable and budget-friendly solution. Tracking mechanisms arise as a practical response to this problem, offering a reliable and cost-effective means to address the intricate issue of vehicle theft. This paper introduces an innovative tracking system that seamlessly integrates GSM communication, GPS technology, and web-based visualization to enable real-time monitoring of vehicles or objects. The system’s operational sequence commences with a registration process, accomplished by sending an SMS code to the GSM module, ensuring secure access and authorized interaction. Successful registration prompts a confirmation message, solidifying the system’s foundation of trust. The system uses GPS technology to retrieve real-time longitude and latitude coordinates, providing users with accurate location data. This data is efficiently transmitted to platforms like Google Maps through a link generated by the PHP application, enhancing user experience and facilitating informed decision-making. The system’s potential is evident in its diverse applications, spanning personal asset management to fleet tracking.