Taş O. , Mert H., Dukan O.

Global Business Research Congress (GBRC), İstanbul, Turkey, 26 - 27 May 2016, vol.2, pp.505-514 identifier


Barter , today's commercial life alongside the monetary payment is n important payment system. Barter system is being studied in recent years to be used more efficiently and effectively. Today 's commercial life and very diversified needs, increasing the limit to eliminate to barriers of trade and boost the activity between firms also it is very important. The use of this system will be able to effectively connect with the rules at the local and the international system. Otherwise the international arena rather than in the local implementation of the barter system will be difficult. Several group and its subsectors engage in barter transactions, typically exchanging advertising for advertising, goods or services. In these transactions between companies is required an accounting standards.Especially new accounting standards could change how the transaction price is measured in these transactions. Advertising for advertising Revenue is not recognized in an exchange of similar goods or services. However, if the medium of advertising exchanged is dissimilar in nature, revenue is recognized as the fair value of the advertising supplied. Other than advertising for advertising Revenue is measured at the fair value of the goods or services received, adjusted by the amount of any cash or cash equivalents received or paid. If the fair value of the goods or services received cannot be reliably measured, the revenue is measured at the fair value of the goods or services given up, adjusted by the amount of cash or cash equivalents received. A seller that provides goods and services in the course of its ordinary activities recognises revenue under IAS 18 Revenue from a barter transaction involving advertising when, amongst other criteria, the services exchanged are dissimilar and the amount of revenue can be measured reliably.Barter is a system tahat it is commonly used as a revenue and payment system amongst other business. The purpose of our study is to explain the barter system and evaluate clearly the accounting process process of barter activities. In this artical the accounting and reporting of barter sytem is analyzed based on IFRS and practice aplications.