A comparative study of sub-grid scale (SGS) models in the large eddy simulation (LES) of liquid sloshing

Kirlangic O. U. , Celebi M. S.

13th European Turbulence Conference (ETC), Warszawa, Poland, 12 - 15 September 2011, vol.318 identifier identifier


A comparative study is carried out in which the effectiveness of general-purpose isotropic subgrid-scale (SGS) models in the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of the liquid sloshing problem is investigated. It has been observed that for large sloshing amplitudes Standard Smagorinsky Model smoothed out the results excessively and was incapable of estimating the peaks in pressure values on the container walls correctly. On the other hand, with the cost of extra complexity added to the algorithm, the dynamic procedure was more successful in calculating the pressure peaks on the container walls.