Analysis of critical operating conditions for LV distribution networks with microgrids

ZEHIR M. A. , BATMAN A., Sönmez M. Ş. , Font A. , TSIAMITROS D., STIMONIARIS D., ...More

20th Innovative Manufacturing Engineering and Energy Conference (IManEE), Kallithea, Greece, 23 - 25 September 2016, vol.161 identifier identifier


Increase in the penetration of Distributed Generation (DG) in distribution networks, raises the risk of voltage limit violations while contributing to line losses. Especially in low voltage (LV) distribution networks (secondary distribution networks), impacts of active power flows on the bus voltages and on the network losses are more dominant. As network operators must meet regulatory limitations, they have to take into account the most critical operating conditions in their systems. In this study, it is aimed to present the impact of the worst operation cases of LV distribution networks comprising microgrids. Simulation studies are performed on a field data-based virtual test-bed. The simulations are repeated for several cases consisting different microgrid points of connection with different network loading and microgrid supply/demand conditions.