Four-scroll chaotic attractor and four-scroll hyperchaotic attractor generated from a new four-dimensional dynamical system

Benkouider K., Bouden T., Yalçın M. E. , Sambas A., Mujiarto M., Pahmi M. A. , ...More

1st Paris Van Java International Seminar on Computer, Science, Engineering, and Technology, PVJ ISComSET 2020, Tasikmalaya, Virtual, Indonesia, 15 - 16 July 2020, vol.1764 identifier


© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.In this paper, a new 4-D hyperchaotic system with one equilibrium point is first introduced. It contains ten terms with three quadratic nonlinearities. Of particular interest is that this novel system can generate periodic attractor, quasi-periodic attractor, four-scroll chaotic attractor and four-scroll hyperchaotic attractor with the variation of one of its parameters. Major dynamical properties of the new system are investigated such as sensitivity to the initial conditions, dissipativity, equilibrium point stability, Kaplan-Yorke dimension, Lyapunov exponents spectrum and bifurcation diagram. In addition, an equivalent electronic circuit schematic is implemented using Multisim software; the obtained results confirm the feasibility of the proposed system.