The Design of General Purpose Autonomous Agricultural Mobile-Robot: "AGROBOT"

Durmus H. , Güneş E. O. , Kırcı M. , Ustundag B. B.

Fourth International Conference on Agro Geoinformatics, İstanbul, Turkey, 20 - 24 July 2015 identifier identifier


Purpose of this work is to increase the production efficiency in agricultural field by developing a mobile autonomous robot which has the capability of processing and monitoring field operations like spraying remedies for precision farming, fertilization, disease diagnosis, yield analysis, soil analysis and other agricultural activities. Here, major constraints are reliability and durability against field conditions versus lowering unit cost of robot for high volume manufacturing. Another design goal is using domestic resources for carrier platform, circuit boards etc. or integrating common production parts with designed or domestically available parts. Other aims of the work are all devices on the network will be able to communicate over Environmental Agriculture Informatics Applied Research Center (TARBIL) cloud services and application software will be able to transfer data to farmers' mobile devices, tractors and farming vehicles. Thus, it is aimed to decrease co-invested enterprises costs to minimum level. This work is separated into two main stages. The first stage: Integration of drivers, actuators, control system, communication system, energy management system, task management system and sensors on a suitable platform according to these criteria. The second stage: Integration of task management with TARBIL system.