Dogan V.

JOURNAL OF MECHANICS OF MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, vol.9, no.4, pp.365-384, 2014 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


In this research, the vibration of the functionally graded material (FGM) plates under random excitation is presented. The FGM plate is assumed to be moderately thick. One of the refined plate theories, the first-order shear deformable theory (FSDT) is adopted to account for the transverse shear strain. The refined form of shear correction factor is used. The plate is assumed to be simply supported along all edges with movable ends. The mechanical properties of the FGM plate are graded in the thickness direction only according to a simple power-law distribution in terms of volume fraction of constituents. Mechanical properties of constituents (ceramic and metal) of the FGM plate are assumed temperature-dependent. The FGM plate is subjected to the random pressure that is considered as a stationary and homogenous random process with zero mean and Gaussian distribution. Both the spectral density method and Monte Carlo method are used for the linear responses. Thermal effects are only included in the Monte Carlo method. The root mean square (RMS) and mean responses of the FGM plate for different plate sizes, sound pressure levels, volume fractions and temperature distributions are presented.