The Rise and Fall of Turcophilism in Nineteenth-Century British Discourses: Visions of the Turk, 'Young' and 'Old'

Guerpinar D.

BRITISH JOURNAL OF MIDDLE EASTERN STUDIES, vol.39, no.3, pp.346-371, 2012 (SSCI) identifier identifier


This article examines the evolving British perceptions of the Ottoman Empire from the onset of the Tanzimat to Abdulhamid II. The article aims to attest the emergence of a positive image of the reforming Turk and the erosion of this positive assessment following the disillusionment with the achievements of Tanzimat. The article discusses the Christian dimensions of the positive and negative attitudes towards the Ottomans and moral racism inherent in both the positive and negative assessments. The article ends with concluding that this reference framework from which the British discourses on the Ottomans derived had eclipsed with the demise of the British nineteenth-century political elite and culture in tandem with the waning of the Ottoman political culture and elite.