Adsorption isotherms and performance of new produced polymer based spherical activated carbon

Yenisoy-Karakas S., Aygun A., Tahtasakal E.

EURO CERAMICS VIII, PTS 1-3, pp.2279-2282, 2004 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The performance check of the polymeric spherical activated carbon (PAC) was realized by comparing adsorption, porosity and some of the physical properties of it with the spherical commercial activated carbon (CAC). Both activated carbons showed similar properties except for mechanical strength. The PAC was about 4 times stronger than the CAC. The micropore volume of the PAC was about 5 % smaller than that of CAC. This resulted the low butane working capacity values for both activated carbons. Adsorption data were fitted to both the Langmuir and the Freundlich isotherm models for all organic substances tested. Both isotherins were suitable models to analyze the equilibrium data for the removal of all organics for two activated carbons. However, the Langmuir model fitted better and the adsorption capacities of the PAC were somewhat higher that that of the CAC.