Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Aerodynamics: Summary and Review of Momentum Models

Mohammed A. A., Ouakad H. M., Sahin A. Z., Bahaidarah H. M. S.

JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESOURCES TECHNOLOGY-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, vol.141, no.5, 2019 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Momentum models or streamtube models represent one of the fundamental approaches in modeling the aerodynamics of straight bladed vertical axis wind turbine (SB-VAWT) of Darrieus type. They are based on momentum (actuator disk) theory and widely used in performance evaluation of VAWTs. In this short review, the authors have strived to compile the basic momentum models that have been widely assumed in the literature for design and performance estimation of SB-VAWTs of Darrieus type. A comprehensive demonstration of the formulation needed for the implantation of these models is also proposed. Three streamtube models are investigated in this paper, namely, the single streamtube (SST), the multiple streamtube (MST), and the double multiple streamtube (DMST) models. Each of these models has it merits and demerits which are also thoroughly discussed in this review.