Stratigraphy and depositional environment of the Bayport Limestone of the southern Michigan Basin. M.Sc. thesis

Çiner T. A.

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  • Publication Date: 1988
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The Bayport Limestone is the youngest Mississippian rock known in the Michigan Basin. It is a light-buff and light-brown limestone that is dolomitic, sandy, and cherty in part. The formation is restricted to a more central portion of the Michigan Basin than the earlier units. It rests with a slight hiatus on the Michigan Formation and is overlain disconformably by the Pennsylvanian Saginaw Formation. The lower part of the unit is composed of micritic dolostone which was the initial deposit of a transgressing sea in a stand (sabkha and intertidal flat) environment. The middle Bayport rocks consist of fossiliferous limestone with main constituents being corals, foraminifera, brachiopods, crinoids, and ostracodes. These assemblages clearly represent a more normal marine environment. The upper Bayport rocks are very similar to lower Bayport ones, and they represent the regression of the Bayport sea leaving behind a micritic dolostone. -from Author