The Effect of Micro arc Oxidation Process Parameters on Surface Properties of Ti6Al4v Alloy

Gunyuz M., Baydogan M., Cimenoglu H., Kayali E. S.

6th International Conference on Diffusion in Solids and Liquids, Paris, France, 5 - 07 July 2010, pp.1000-1003 identifier identifier


This study focuses on the effect of electrolyte concentration of the micro arc oxidation process on the surface morphology of a Ti6Al4V alloy. Micro arc oxidation was performed in "(CH(3)COO)(2)Ca center dot H(2)O + Na(3)PO(4)" containing electrolytes. Micro arc oxidation developed a porous oxide layer mainly consisted of rutile form of titanium oxide on the surface of Ti6Al4V alloy with some calcium titanate (CaTiO(3)) and Hydroxyapatite. The increase of CH(3)COO)(2)Ca center dot H(2)O + Na(3)PO(4) concentration of the electrolyte caused disappearance of the pores, reduction of surface roughness and decrease of wettability.