Towards an interconnected reading method: Temporality of an architectural lexicon

Ekmekci Geronymakis T. O., Senturer A.

Grid - architecture, planning and design journal (Online), vol.6, no.2, pp.725-744, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


The conception of time evolves from absolute towards more ambiguous in light of different scientific approaches. It becomes questionable to explain all physical phenomena with a single definition of time. Temporality in architecture can be studied in different dimensions; nevertheless, it is mainly considered in relation with the concepts of space and time. This article aims to focus on specifically temporality of an open-ended research approach in architecture. It introduces an interconnected reading method and explicates the research layers and their relations through an architectural lexicon. Therefore, it deciphers an on-going PhD research called Architectural Lexicon on Void, which seeks to contribute to building a new architectural vocabulary. Based on the approach of interconnectivity, it interprets the lexicon as a means of “reading” and “understanding” the concept of void in architecture. In order to discuss temporality, the article touches the idea of openness by Eco and Deleuze, together with Bergson’s idea of duration. It considers temporality of this research process as an open whole which consists of multiple durations and studies the research layers within this frame.