Clustering Techniques Within Service Sector

Yazıcı İ., Beyca Ö. F., Zaim S.

APPLYING PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS WITHIN THE SERVICE SECTOR, pp.74-87, 2017 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Due to big data availability in markets recently, processing and making predictions with data have been becoming more difficult, and this difficulty has been affecting management decisions. As a result, competitiveness for companies are related to analyze and utilize big data in order to achieve company targets. Transforming big data into business advantage has become a vital management tool across all industries. There are many data mining techniques that are being applied to plenty of problems. One of the frequently utilized data mining technique is clustering method. Clustering techniques aim to group a set of objects in clusters that more similar objects are in the same cluster. Main utilization aim of clustering techniques is segmenting or clustering or grouping objects. Clustering techniques and their utilization within service sector by aim of clustering technique and their methodologies are presented. Energy, social media and bank sectors are found that the mostly user of clustering techniques within service sector for segmenting customers based on searched papers.