Earthquake Epicenter Localization Using Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Yetik H., Kavakli M., Uludag U., Eksim A., Paker S.

3rd URSI Atlantic and Asia Pacific Radio Science Meeting (AT-AP-RASC), Spain, 29 May - 03 June 2022 identifier identifier


This paper summarizes the results of our earthquake localization research, using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology, with two 25 km long dark communication fiber optic cables close to North Anatolian Fault in the Sea of Marmara. In a previous study, we provided detection statistics for over 250 earthquakes, with analysis metrics such as distance to fiber and magnitude. In this paper, we extend these results to include P and S wave lag time-based epicenter distance estimation and localization based on trilateration and provide results on its accuracy, and comparison with data provided by Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute - Regional Earthquake-Tsunami Monitoring Center (KOERI). Considering the advantages of the DAS-based seismic monitoring, such as abundant dark fibers that are already available for seismic monitoring, synchronous and distributed data capture capabilities and cost effectiveness, with no need for power supply in the field, DAS based seismic monitoring systems are promising new tools for both detection and epicenter estimation of earthquakes.