Photochemical reactions of Re(CO)(5)Br with Ph2P(CH2)n PPh2 (n=1, dppm; 2, dppe; 3, dppp)

Subasi E., UGUR F., Senturk O. S.

TRANSITION METAL CHEMISTRY, cilt.29, ss.16-18, 2004 (SCI İndekslerine Giren Dergi) identifier identifier


The new complexes fac-[Re(CO)(3)Br{Ph2P(CH2)(n)PPh2}] (1a-3a) [(1a), n = 1; (2a), n = 2; (3a), n = 3] and [Re-2(CO)(8)Br-2{mu-Ph2P(CH2)(n)PPh2}] (1b-3b) [(1b), n = 1; (2b), n = 2; (3b), n = 3] have been prepared by the photochemical reaction of Re(CO)(5)Br with Ph2P(CH2)(n)PPh2 (n = 1, dppm; 2, dppe; 3, dppp). The complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis, mass spectroscopy, f.t.-i.r. and P-31-[H-1]-n.m.r. spectrometry. The spectroscopic studies suggest cis-chelate bidentate coordination of the ligand in fac-[Re(CO)(3)Br{Ph2P(CH2)(n)PPh2}] (1a-3a) and cis-bridging bidentate coordination of the ligand between two metals in [Re-2(CO)(8)Br-2{cis-mu-Ph2P(CH2)(n)PPh2}] (1a-3a).