Investigation of the Effect of Reinforcement Type on the Flexural Performance of Slab Tracks

Durgun Y., Güllü A., Çallm F., Özden B., Özcan A., Ölçer B., ...More

Journal of Transportation Engineering Part A: Systems, vol.149, no.6, 2023 (Scopus) identifier


This paper presents the results of a comprehensive experimental study on the flexural performance of ballastless discrete precast slab tracks with two alternative reinforcement types. These are the precast slab tracks produced using ordinary reinforcement [nonpost-tensioned (NPT)] and the precast slab tracks produced using post-tensioned (PT) reinforcement. The study aims to compare the flexural performances of NPT- and PT-type slab tracks using three-point bending tests, even though they continuously sit on the ground with different rigidities in real-life applications. The tests performed on four full-scale slab tracks in the longitudinal and transversal directions resulted in the first cracking and the ultimate loads were greater in PT specimens. Also, the maximum crack widths and residual displacements of PT specimens were smaller. Although the aforementioned performance parameters of NPT-type slab tracks are relatively behind those of PT-type slab tracks, their overall response is still acceptable, with the advantages of easier production and lower cost.