Photochemical complexation reactions of M(CO)(6) (M = Cr, Mo, W) and Re(CO)(5)Br with rhodanine (4-thiazolidinone-2-thioxo) and 5-substituted rhodanines

Subasi E., ERCAG A., SERT S., Senturk O. S.

SYNTHESIS AND REACTIVITY IN INORGANIC METAL-ORGANIC AND NANO-METAL CHEMISTRY, vol.36, no.10, pp.705-711, 2006 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


The new complexes [M(CO)(5)-DABRd] [M = Cr; 1, Mo; 2, W; 3], [cis-Re(CO)(4)Br-DABRd] (4), [M(CO)(5)-BRd] [M = Cr; 5, Mo; 6, W; 7] and [Mo(CO)(5)-L] [L = Rd, 8; 2CBRd, 9; 2HNARd, 10; IBRd, 11] have been synthesized by the photochemical reactions of VIB and VIIB group metal carbonyls [M(CO)(6)] [M = Cr, Mo, W] and [Re(CO)(5)Br] with 5-(4-dimethylaminobenzylidene) rhodanine (DABRd), 5-benzylidenerhodanine (BRd), rhodanine (Rd), 5-(2-chlorobenzylidene) rhodanine (2CBRd), 5-(2-hydroxynaphtylidene) rhodanine (2HNARd), 5-(4-isopropylbenzylidene) rhodanine ( IBRd) and characterized by elemental analysis, FTIR, H-1 and C-13-{H-1}-NMR spectroscopy and by Mass spectrometry. The spectroscopic studies show that all rhodanine ligands act as monodentate ligands coordinating via the sulfur (C=S) donor atom in (1-11).