Automated RF Power Amplifier Optimization and Design: From Lumped Elements to Distributed Elements

Kouhalvandi L., Ceylan O., Özoğuz İ. S.

27th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR), Belgrade, Serbia, 26 - 27 November 2019, pp.486-489 identifier identifier


This study presents an automated RF power amplifier design procedure and methods which aim to convert systematically built-in lumped elements to distributed elements by simultaneously optimizing power gain, output power and efficiency. This approach which is performed by using Bayesian optimization results in ready-to-fabricate optimized designs with layout. The optimization process is performed automatically by using a commercial electronic design automation and a mathematical computing environment. To validate the proposed strategy, a power amplifier consisting of a 10 W GaN HEMT is designed for 1.7 - 2.3 GHz band frequency. The power amplifier provides an efficiency of between 53 % - 63 % at the 3 dB gain compression and linear power gain higher than 14 dB in the operation band.