Geology of the Menderes Massif and the Lycian Nappes south of Denizli, western Taurides

Okay A.

Bulletin - Mineral Research & Exploration Institute of Turkey, vol.109, pp.37-51, 1989 (Scopus) identifier


Mount Honaz region in the western Taurides is made up of superimposed several tectonic units. These units form an eastward overturned major anticline called the Honaz anticline. A pelagic sedimentary sequence of Late Cretaceous-Middle/Late Eocene age, called the Gobecik tepe complex, occurs tectonically beneath the overturned limb of the Honaz Anticline. Different tectonic units in the Mount Honaz region show effects of Late Cretaceous, Middle Eocene and Late Eocene/Oligocene tectonics. -from Author