Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Groundwater in Mentes Watershed (Yahyali-Kayseri-Turkey)

Demiroglu M., Örgün Tutay Y.

TURKIYE JEOLOJI BULTENI-GEOLOGICAL BULLETIN OF TURKEY, vol.59, no.3, pp.275-297, 2016 (ESCI) identifier


In this study, the effect of the iron deposits, located in Mentes watershed on the ground waters was investigated. The study area is located in the Seyhan river main basin. The Mentes watershed covers an area of 43 km(2) with an annual average precipitation of 460 mm/year. The study area comprises Precambrian metaclastics, Lower Cambrian quartzite, Middle Cambrian recrystallized limestone, Ordovician metaclastics, Miocene conglomerate and recent alluvium. Recrystallized limestones are main aquifers within the studied area. To determine aquifer parameters totally 15 groundwater samples were taken from springs and wells in dry and wet seasons, T, pH and EC values were measured in-situ and the major anion - cation and trace element analysis were done. Temperature of the waters ranged from 7 degrees C and 19 degrees C; pH values ranged from 7,26 and 8,7; EC values ranged from 47,3 mu S/cm and 642 mu S/cm. The cation and anion sequencing of the water samples are mostly in rCa > rMg > rNa > rK and r HCO3 > rSO(4) > rCl form, respectively and this sequencing indicate that the groundwater are predominantly located within the limestone and dolomite. delta O-18 (parts per thousand-10,93 - parts per thousand-8,27) and delta H-2 (parts per thousand-64,18 - parts per thousand-54,58) values show that waters are meteoric origin. The major anion and cation values of the water samples are below the drinking water limit values (TS 266 and WHO). Trace element analysis covering 66 parameters were analyzed by ICP-MS method and more than 30 elements including Hg, Cd, Th and Ag stayed in below detection limits. As, B, Co, Cr, Cu, Mo, Ni, Pb, Sb, Ti, U, V, W, Zn, Se and other elements' values are low enough to be ignored. The examined inorganic parameters showed that ground waters located in Mentes watershed iron mine fields and its close vicinity have drinking water quality.