An Aspect Designing an Ergonomic Dentist's Room: Survey of Appropriate Room Design among Dentists

Bal A., Salkin C., Bolturk E.

ADVANCES IN HUMAN ASPECTS OF HEALTHCARE, pp.189-199, 2013 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) identifier


Nowadays, more and more frequently used the term-"ergonomics" -is getting more important in everywhere -especially in dental care process. Deal with monotonous jobs that means doing the same things almost every day as well as employer and employee-or patients could contributed to face some of the ergonomic problems. In that situation, with a point of dental ergonomics; dentist's working posture, position of the patients, dentist's ability to use the dental equipments(-like dental hand piece, mouth mirror, etc.) dentist's chair and the design of the surgery room (i.e. brightness, the color and the size of the room, noise, direction of equipments and furniture etc.) and also other factors-particularly personal factors like sex, age, weight, history of disease-are all effect dentist's productivity and efficiency while working in his/her surgery room. A good ergonomically-designed surgery room plays an important role in not only increasing work capacity and productivity but also improving patient's satisfaction, comfortableness and dentist's health.