Fluorescent and electrochemical detection of Cu (II) ions in aqueous environment by a novel, simple and readily available AIE probe

Karakus E., Gunduz S., Liv L., Ozturk T.

JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A-CHEMISTRY, vol.400, 2020 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


We have devised a novel and fluorescent chemodosimeter (ANT-Fe), possessing an anthracene scaffold as a fluorophore and ferrocene as a redox active unit for selective and sensitive detection of Cu2+ ions in aqueous media. Its synthesis was realized by a simple combination of two commercially available compounds, 2-aminoanthracene and ferrocenecarboxaldehyde, in one-step without required column chromatography for the purification process. The probe offers distinct properties such as aggregation induced emission, dual sensing mode of fluorometric "turn-off" and electrochemical signaling with cathodic shift, high selectivity towards Cu2+ ions, fast response time and low detection limit (2.5 ppb) via C=N bond hydrolysis. Detection of Cu2+ ions by ANT-Fe adsorbed on a test paper system with the naked eye as a practical application is also successfully reported.