Biocompability Properties of ZrO(2) Ceramics and ZrO(2)-TiN Composites

Arin M., Yazici H., Goller G.

21st International Symposium on Ceramics in Medicine, Buzios, Brazil, 21 - 24 October 2008, pp.51-54 identifier


In order to study bicompability properties of fully dense ZrO(2) ceramics containing 2-3 mol% Y(2)O(3) stabilizer, and ZrO(2)-TiN composites containing 1-1.75 mol Y(2)O(3) and 1 mol% Nd(2)O(3) stabilizers, and electrical conductive TiN particles (40-60 vol%), cell viability was evaluated based on the reduction of tetrazolium, salt to formazan crystals by living cells, the alkaline phosphatase production was investigated, and nitrite quantification was done for indirect evaluation of osteoblast NO production. The samples were defined biocompatible since there is not any significant change observed in the physiological functions of the cells when incubated together.