A Mathematical Approach with Fractional Calculus for the Modelling of Children's Physical Development

Önal N. Ö., Karaçuha K., Erdinç G. H., Karacuha B. B., Karaçuha E.

COMPUTATIONAL AND MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN MEDICINE, vol.2019, 2019 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier identifier


From birth to now, it is getting more and more important to keep track of the children development, because knowing and determining the factors related to the physical development of the children would provide better and reliable results for children care. In this study, we developed a mathematical approach to have the ability of analysing and examining factors such as weight, height, and body mass index with respect to the age. We used 7 groups for weight, height, and body mass index in Percentage Chart of Turkey. We developed a continuous curve which is valid for any time interval by using discrete weight, height, and body mass index data of 0-18 years old children and the least squares method. By doing so, it became possible to find the percentage and location of the children in Percentage Chart. We advanced a new mathematical model with the help of fractional calculus theory. The results are quite successful and better compared to linear and Polynomial Model analysis. The method provides the opportunity to predict expected values of the children for the future by using previous data obtained in the development of the children.