Improving the project service performance of companies producing and marketing kitchen systems: Stage of survey and analysis of the space

Yazicioglu D. A., Kanoğlu A.



Scope and objective of this work has been determined as revealing problems which occur/may occur at the stage of "making survey and analysis of the kitchen space" which has an important role in the proper progressing of the project service period of the companies producing and marketing kitchen systems development of suggestions for solving the cited issues. As the methodology in line with this defined scope and objective, a web-based survey, with the attendance of all dealers of the company has been conducted with an eye to determine at the first stage how the designers of the company taken as sample model (having 60 dealers at national and international level) have carried out works as to making survey and analysis of the kitchen space. In the following stage, the results obtained from this survey conducted were evaluated and issues were identified. Subsequently, a literature search for solving these issues and interviews with relevant departments of the company were carried out and a standard form and registration system were created in line with the obtained data. At the final stage, this form and registration system were presented to the company's design teams and management departments by virtue of a web-based survey. Furthermore, it has been practically tested in a store deemed important by the company and has taken its final form by revising it in line with all the feedbacks received. The form and registration system developed in this study will be a part of the software model designed in the research project entitled "A Holistic Process Management Model for Increasing the Design Performance of Companies which Produce and Distribute Kitchen Systems". (C) 2017 The Authors. Published by IASE.