The geology of the Agvanis metamorphic rocks and neighbouring formations.

Okay A.

Bulletin - Mineral Research & Exploration Institute of Turkey, pp.16-36, 1982 (Scopus) identifier


The area studied is located in Northeast Anatolia between the Pontide and Tauride orogenic belts. The metamorphic rocks called Agvanis Group are bounded to the north and south by faults of the North Anatolian Fault Zone; in the east and west they are unconformably overlain by sedimentary rocks of Eocene and younger age. The Agvanis Group consists mainly of metabasic rocks with lesser amounts of marble, phyllite, metadacite and metaacidic plutonic rocks. The western part of the Agvanis Group forms a WNW-ESE trending large anticlinorium whereas in the east N-S trending antiform and synforms, probably as part of older structural elements, are preserved. Metamorphic rocks of the Agvanis Group have undergone regional metamorphism in greenschist facies; a contact metamorphism superimposed on the regional metamorphism has developed around the quartz-diorite pluton. The youngest rocks in the area are terrigenous deposits probable of Oligomiocene age and poorly consolidated sandstone conglomerate, clay, marn and basalts of Neogene age.-from Author