New Regression Equations for Estimating the Maximal Oxygen Uptake of College of Physical Education and Sports Students in Turkey


New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, vol.3, pp.11-17, 2017 (SSCI) identifier


Aerobic endurance describes the ability of the body's cardio-respiratory system to perform physical activity for an extended period of time and resist fatigue. Standard tests to determine aerobic endurance involves measuring the maximum volume of oxygen (VO(2)max) an athlete uses up while exercising at maximal capacity. Given that the tests of direct measurement of VO(2)max needs expensive equipment, a great deal of time, and trained staff with expertise, many researchers have attempted to find indirect and simpler ways of predicting VO(2)max based on prediction equations. The aim of this study is to establish new prediction equations for estimating the VO(2)max from gender, age, height, weight, body mass index (BMI), maximal heart rate (HRmax) and test time (TT) for college-aged students in Turkey. Particularly, 18 students from the College of Physical Education and Sports at Gazi University volunteered for this study. Gender has been used as a common predictor variable in all prediction models. By using different combinations of the rest of predictor variables together with the common predictor variable, twelve VO(2)max prediction equations have been established with the help of Multiple Linear Regression (MLR). The performance of the prediction equations have been evaluated using two well-known metrics, namely standard error of estimate (SEE) and multiple correlation coefficient (R). The results reveal that the regression equation, VO(2)max = - (12.331 x gender) - (0.805 x age ) + (0.883 x height) - (1.167 x weight) - (0.052 x HRmax) - (0.158 x TT) + 6.473, gave the lowest SEE (i.e. 3.49 and the highest R (i.e. 0.88). Application of this VO(2)max regression equation on an independent validation group including 6 subjects yielded an SEE of 6.24 it can be concluded that in situations where it is difficult or even not possible to measure VO(2)max using exercise tests, coaches and trainers may use the given equation to predict VO(2)max of College of Physical Education and Sports students with acceptable error rates.