Flat Plate Film Cooling Performance Predictions by RANS Turbulence Models

Inanli S., Gorgulu I., Okutucu T., UZOL O.

7th International Symposium on Turbulence Heat and Mass Transfer (THMT), Palermo, Italy, 24 - 27 September 2012, pp.1262-1271 identifier identifier


Flat plate film cooling effectiveness is numerically predicted by different RANS-based turbulence models. Experimental work of Sinha et al. (1991) is selected as a validation case and predictions of analysis are compared with tabulated experimental data for three different density, velocity and momentum flux ratios. Fluent is used as a solver and postprocessor. Results are presented as centerline, laterally averaged and local lateral film cooling effectiveness. Predictions of Realizable k-epsilon, k-epsilon SST, RSM (Reynolds Stress Model) and V2-f turbulence models are compared and success of each model is evaluated. For centerline effectiveness, results reasonably show that k-omega SST, RSM and V2-f turbulence models accurately predict the experimental data for all three cases whereas Realizable k-epsilon generally has underpredictions. Results obtained by Realizable k-epsilon appear to match with experiments better for laterally averaged effectiveness near coolant exit but other models have better predictions for further downstream. Good agreement is also observed for local lateral effectiveness obtained by k-omega SST, RSM and V2-f turbulence models.