Barbarian Rhapsody

Babadag M., Cindoruk E., Gencol H., Guven G., Karakus G.

DESIGN JOURNAL, cilt.12, ss.383-394, 2009 (AHCI İndekslerine Giren Dergi) identifier identifier


A definition: Barbarian [bahr-bair-ee-uhn] (French barbarien, from barbare, barbarous, from Latin barbarus, Greek Barbaros, German der Barbar) - noun (1) a person in a savage, primitive state; uncivilized person. (2) a person without culture, refinement, or education. (3) a foreigner. (4) (in ancient and medieval periods) a. a non-Greek. b. a person living outside, esp. north of, the Roman Empire. c. a person not living in a Christian country or within a Christian civilization. (5) (among Italians during the Renaissance) a person of non-Italian origin. - adjective (6) uncivilized; crude; savage. (7) foreign; alien. (, 2009).