Experimental results for oscillatory water flow in 10-ppi metal foam at low-frequencies

Bagci O., Arbak A., De Paepe M., Dukhan N.

7th European Thermal-Sciences Conference (Eurotherm), Krakow, Poland, 19 - 23 June 2016, vol.745 identifier identifier


This experimental study presents results and interpretation of oscillatory water flow in open-cell metal foam. The tested foam had 10 pores per inch and a porosity of 88%. At relatively low frequencies, three flow displacements were employed in the experiment. The influence of frequency and displacement on pressure loss and friction factor is discussed. A correlation of friction factor as a function of the kinetic Reynolds number was determined. Porous media parameters, permeability and drag coefficient, were also found for the same foam via steady-state flow experiments in the Darcy and Forchheimer regimes. The friction factor of oscillating flow was found to be higher than that of steady state. The findings of this study are considered important for oscillating heat transfer in metal foam.