Self-Commissioning of Electrical Parameters for Sensorless IPMSM Drives

çetin y., akyol i. e., büyüköztürk k. ç., KUMBASAR T.

International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 28 - 30 November 2019 identifier identifier


The performance of sensorless field oriented controlled interior permanent magnet synchronous motors highly depends on motor parameters. However, exact parameter values of motors mostly are not known and thus it takes a lot of effort to tune drive to get ready to control different motors. In order to be able to tune the gains of controllers and position observer in sensorless drives, electrical parameters such as resistance and inductances need to be estimated. In this study, recursive least squares method is applied for estimation of electrical parameters (R, L-d, L-q) during standstill and then current controllers are tuned automatically. At the same time, by updating sliding mode current observer parameters deployed in sensorless control algorithm, motor becomes ready for sensorless speed control in very short time. Both the proposed self-commissioning and sensorless drive developed in this paper are implemented in real time on TI C2000 DSP controller and tested on different motors.