Comparing model development in discrete event simulation on Ro-Ro terminal example

Muravev D., Aksoy S., Rakhmangulov A., Aydogdu Y. V.

International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, vol.24, no.3, pp.283-297, 2016 (Scopus) identifier


Copyright © 2016 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.The management of an intermodal terminal, such as Ro-Ro terminals is a complex process that involves several critical decisions. Decision makers should organise operations perfectly in order to prevent bottlenecks and achieve the highest performance. So, predicting and solving possible problems in all processes of a Ro-Ro terminal is vital. At this point simulation modelling is a very useful and common method in analysing port terminal operations because, there are several interacting processes. But there are many simulation programs enable to model terminal operations. However, in which level are simulation software programs reliable in comparison with each other? Can there be significant difference in results of same event modelled by different simulation programs? In this paper comparison of two discrete event simulation modelling software programs, such as Arena and AnyLogic is aimed. Operations of a Ro-Ro terminal are modelled with Arena and AnyLogic independently and results are compared.